Alternate colours for Velvet that can be changed. Depending on what you are using, you use arrow keys to switch through palettes, or use the controller stick to switch the palettes. To enter the palette skins, use the ENTER key for keyboard users, and the START key for controllers.


Name Image Description
Velvet default
Default palette
Velvet icy
Original palette
Ice Pop
Velvet ice pop
Based on the popsicle variously known as Rocket Pop or Firecracker
Velvet solstace
Original palette
Cotton Tail
Velvet cotton tail
Miss Bunny (Bambi)
Deep Winter
Velvet deep winter
Original palette
Strong Floof
Velvet strong floof
Original palette
Below Zero
Velvet below zero
Based on Sub - Zero from the Mortal Kombat series
Maniacal Laughter
Velvet maniacal laughter
Original palette

Fluffiest Pink

Velvet fluffiest pink
Original palette
Winter Cake
Velvet winter cake
Based on any number of cherry chocolate cake recipes
Mulled Wine
Velvet mulled wine
Original palette
Butter Caramel
Velvet butter caramel
Original palette
Velvet 640
Based on Virizion from the Pokemon series.
Velvet aura
Based on either Lucario or Xerneas from the Pokemon series.
Oh Deer
Velvet oh deer
Original palette
Ice and Fire
Velvet ice and fire
Based on Braixen from the Pokemon series
Velvet chilling
Original palette
Velvet artic
Original palette
Deep Blue
Velvet deep blue
Original palette
Velvet chestnut
Original palette
Velvet equinox
Original palette
Velvet nifheim
Original palette
Velvet valentino
Original palette
Velvet VIP
Based on Elizabeth and/or Margaret from the Persona series
Chilly Sunrise
Velvet chilly sunrise
Original palette
Candy Floof!
Velvet candy floof
Based on cotton candy, also known as "candy floss"
Winter Night
Velvet winter night
Original palette
Velvet frosty
Original palette
Winter Sunset
Velvet winter sunset
Original palette
Velvet glacial
Based on Glacius from Killer Instinct
Bird of Prey
Velvet bird of prey
Based on Pet Shop from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Tennis Shoes
Velvet TennisShoes
Awarded exclusively to backers that pledged $12 or more.
Phantom Velvet
  • Skin used by NPC Velvet spawned in the Salt Mines.
  • Unlocked by earning the "Apex Predator" bonus while playing the Salt Mines in an official serverUpcoming.
  • Can be purchased in a bundle with the other Shadow palettesUpcoming.
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