The Prairie



Screenshot of the Stage
Home to Cattlekind
Location: Western Fœnum*
Home Stage: Arizona
Variants: 2
NPCs: 2    (Sunset Prarie)
0    (Peaceful Homestead)
2    Total
Stage Theme:
The Prairie

The Prairie is a location and stage in Fœnum that is home to Cattlekind, such as Bulls and Cows along with Arizona


The stage is the home of Cattlekind (Cows and Bulls). The Prairie is currently under a Head Bull named Texas. With the First Lady of Cattle kind being his wife, Minnesota. And with a young cattlekind being their daughter, Arizona. The Prairie is a very busy area with the Cattlekind constantly working on everyday task and duties. 


The Prairie has two-time changes which are day and night. The Prairie is filled with cactuses and canyons. It seems like the stage takes place outside the actual prairie due to wagons and grass are actually  in the background. Cattlekind can be found on this stage as well as another race, Horses. 

Stage MusicEdit