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Being Selected Edit

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I don't wanna be here! x
I wanna go home! x

Pre-round Introduction Edit

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How about a nice game of Rock, Paper, Scissors? x
Please be gentle with me. x
Can we just... Talk? x
Puppies, no! Stop, sit! Ugh, stay! x
Do I have to be here? x
Couldn't we just flip a coin? x
You wouldn't hit a wee lamb, would ye? x

Combat Edit


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Grunts x

Summoning DogEdit

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Yip yip! x
Here, boy! x
To me, lass! x

Dog MovingEdit

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Heel! x

Dog AttackingEdit

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Get 'em! x
Bite 'em! x
Sic 'em! x

Dismiss DogEdit

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That'll do! x
Away! x

Super MoveEdit

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Sic 'em, lads! x

Level 2Edit

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Wahh! x

Dog NoisesEdit

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[Bark] x

Defensive MovesEdit

Quick RecoveryEdit

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You... meanie! x
I hate this...! x
Oh no! x
Please don't! x


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(Push Block) Stop! x
(Push Block) Go away! x
(Push Block) No! x
(Push Block) Please don't! x
(Push Block) Bad touch! x
(Throw) Down, boy! x

Taunts  Edit

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Couldn't we just flip a coin? x
You wouldn't hit a wee lamb, would ye? x

Win Edit

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I'm sorry. Didn't mean to win...! x
I... I won?! x
I won! x
Did... did I do that? x
Oh gosh I'm so sorry! x
I guess I don't know my own strength...! x
We did it! We did it! x
I think the pups did most of the work. x
...Bad puppies! [quietly] Good puppies. x
I'm so jealous! You get to stop now... x

Unsorted Edit

  • No, please, go away!