Pom is a timid young Sheeple who was unwillingly chosen as the Key Keeper of the Meadow by her fellow Sheep. By her side are her sheepdogs Woof, Ruff, Tuft & Puff.

Appearance Edit

Pom is a slender ewe with whitish wool tinged with a shade of pink. Her face is a darker shade of light violet, with expressive turquoise eyes completing her nervous expression. She wears a golden bell on a purple collar.

Biography Edit

Sheeple, the citizens of the small city-state of Baaah, are a democratic society, following the will of the flock. The problem is that all of the Sheep will vote for the very first suggestion any member happens to make. When Baaah receives a message from the Horses of the Kaimanawa Range warning of the return of the Predators, they immediately hold an election to decide whether to send a Key Keeper. Amidst the cowardly silence of the elders, one small voice squeaked out an opinion: "Of course we should!" The Sheep were stunned. Someone who speaks their mind? Someone with their own opinion? She must be... THE BRAVEST OF THEM ALL! A second vote was called for and the decision was unanimous: the squeaky lamb, Pom, would become the Key Keeper of the meadow, with only a small pack of Sheep Dogs to accompany her.

Story Mode Edit

Warning: Spoilers Below!

Chapter 1: Part II Edit

Arizona briefly encounters Pom in Reine City as she is attempting to catch her puppies as they are chasing some winter sprites. She is not formally introduced, and only is referred to as "Sheep."

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Phase 3

Personality Edit

Instead of roaming Fœnum, seeking out fellow competitors and the Key, Pom does everything she can to avoid them. Despite her wishes, she keeps running into opponents, and worse, her puppies’ protective instincts make them formidable fighters. Pom is desperate to find the strength to escape her predicament – but what she doesn't know is that she just might have the strength to save the world.

Abilities & Fighting Style Edit

Playing as Pom Edit

Pom is a puppeteer whose move set is focused on summoning and controlling various Sheep Dogs. Her shortcomings are numerous: her speed and attacks are slow, and with one exception, her primary attacks are weak. Pom's heavy attack is one of the strongest basic attacks in the game, and has a lone range when used in the air or while blocking. However, the heavy attack can be easily neutralized and punished. In addition, Pom has two special attacks: Sheep Herding, a dash attack, and Bark!, which destroys projectiles and stuns Pom's opponent. That said Pom's greatest strength is her Sheep Dogs.

Pom's Magic Meter is 3 stocks and initially full; spending Magic summons up to three dogs. One Magic stock spent can summon either a mobile or stationary Digging Pup, who attack by kicking dirt at the opponent. Two Magic stocks summons a Growly or Pilot Pup, who both have two attacks, and spending all three Magic stocks summons Big Mama, who has three attacks. Mastering Pom relies on summoning the right combination of Sheep Dogs and controlling them in conjunction with Pom herself.

Pom's Level 1 Super, Stampede!, lives up to its name, as a horde of puppies charge across the screen followed by Big Papa, dealing heavy damage. Her Level 2 Super summons Big Papa; like Big Mama, he has three attacks.


Vs. PomEdit

When you are fighting another Pom, the winner is who is better at using her overall. Your best bet is to summon Sheep Dogs while spamming the heavy attack. Usage of the heavy attack in the air allows for a break in the flow of battle, enabling a shift in momentum, counterattack, or support from her dogs.

Vs. Arizona Edit

Arizona is a case of attack recognition. Familiarize yourself with Arizona's attack patterns, and anticipate her stomps. Flummox her by jumping, but don't overuse aerial attacks, as the heifer can pick you off with her horns. If the cow is backing up, she is most likely raring for a front charge.

Vs. Velvet Edit

Pom should close the distance between herself and Velvet as soon as possible, as Velvet can easily summon icicles to attack you, stopping you from summoning dogs. When rushing, try to trick Velvet into using one of her icicle attacks too early, and quickly dash backwards to avoid it, leaving her open for an basic attack or simple. After getting close enough to Velvet, summon the Sheep Dogs. If you dawdle, Velvet will summon her barrage of spikes, and the player will have the pleasure of watching Pom freeze in pain midair before unhappily arcing backwards in a crumpled heap.

Vs.Oleander Edit

Oleander is the antithesis to Pom: her short and long-range attacks are quick and cover a wide swatch of the screen, she can teleport close to the lamb to continue a barrage, her Magic Sparks can cause problems in finding openings, her blocking neutralizes most of Pom's regular attacks (both level and low), and she can punish neophytes who spam the heavy or aerial attacks with a horn jab. At the beginning of the fight, she is close enough to smack Pom with the Unicornomicon.

When fighting Oleander, be cognizant of your dogs' positions and move them around in preparation for a combo. As with every fighting strategy, it should be second nature to block at the right moments, particularly the Magic Sparks. Otherwise you can create openings with your heavy attack and then follow up with a quick succession of others. Be aware that Oleander's Teleport can be used offensively and defensively. Good Pom players should remember these tactics and respond with every skill and puppy to clinch a win over an Oleander.

Vs. Paprika Edit

Although Paprika's attacks are tricky, she is vulnerable if her surprise attacks are anticipated early. Furthermore, as is the tallest of the cast, Paprika has the largest hitbox, perfect for the Sheep Dogs to prey upon.

Vs. TianhuoEdit

One of Tianhuo's weaknesses against Pom is the lamb's aerial heavy attack. Though Tianhuo is an aerial-focused rushdown character, Pom can almost match her aerial prowess with Pilot Pup if she isn't blocking or she is out of range. Use Pom's aerial heavy attack to your advantage when Tianhuo is flying. Also, recall that Pom has friends, while Tianhuo doesn't. Use Pom's dogs, particularly her Pilot Pup; it can easily go in for a bite to stop Tianhuo from flying. If Tianhuo isn't beating you up while flying, use her time to prep your dogs for an attack!

Trivia Edit

  • Pom is based off the Fighting is Magic character Fluttershy (herself adapted from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). In addition to having a similar personality, Pom's Sheep Dogs fulfill a similar role to Fluttershy's animals, and her Float Puff ability is based on Fluttershy's flight.
  • At just a year old, Pom is tied with Arizona as the youngest Key Keeper.


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