Alternate colours for Paprika that can be changed. Depending on what you are using, you use arrow keys to switch through palettes, or use the controller stick to switch the palettes. To enter the palette skins, use the ENTER key for keyboard users, and the START key for controllers.


Name Designer Image Description
Paprika Mane6 Original
Paprika default
Default palette
Seasoning Mane6 Original
Paprika seasoning
Original palette
Emperor Mane6
Paprika emperor
Based on Kuzco  from The Emperor's New Groove (The carpet on her back is based on Pacha's outfit)
Pirate Mane6
Paprika pirate

Based on Guybrush Threepwood's appearance in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Plush Mane6 Original
Paprika plush

Original palette

Chocolate Mane6 Original
Paprika chocolate

Original palette

Arupaka Mane6
Paprika arupaka

Original palette

Crossing Mane6
Paprika crossing
Based on Reese from the Animal Crossing series
Merchant Mane6
Paprika merchant
Based on Cyrus from the Animal Crossing series
Cinnamon Mane6
Paprika cinnamon

Original palette

Who? Mark Poczatek
Paprika who

You're my only friend, Abu! (Who?!) from Disney's Aladdin

Spicy Lazy_Amp
Paprika spicy

Original palette

Seasoned Andrew Kim
Paprika seasoned

Original palette

Beachy Keen Karen Barboza
Paprika beachy keen

Original palette

Peppery Andre Morgan
Paprika peppery

Based off of Tikki from the Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir series

Zesty Angel Digiacobbe
Paprika zesty

Original palette

Smash! Tiarawhy
Paprika smash
Based on The Hulk from Marvel Comics
Ten-Ton Magical Paca Mane6 White fur, dark brown face, gray ears, gray/brown rug
Tennis Shoes Mane6
Paprika TennisShoes
Awarded exclusively to backers that pledged $12 or more.
Phantom Paprika
  • Skin used by NPC Paprika spawned in the Salt Mines.
  • Unlocked by earning the "Apex Predator" bonus while playing the Salt Mines as Paprika in an official server.
  • Can be purchased in a bundle with the other Shadow palettes.
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