The Longmas are a proud race who are half horse, half dragon. They reside in the Empire of Huoshan, a village built over the gaping maw of an active volcano.

It is said that the Longmas are descendants of a stallion, Honored Father, and a dragon, Honored Mother. Though there are other magical races such as the Longmas, these cross-breeds are the only in the world who are part predator, as well as the only race with wings. They are highly aware of their exceptional existence, which results in their proud nature. They believe they have purged from themselves the worst traits of their pure-blood ancestors and embody only the best; peaceful and robust like the ungulates, fearless and strong like the predators.

Every subject of the Empire is a member of the military, sworn to protect not only their beloved Empress and their honored volcanic home, but all of Fœnum itself.