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Huoshan is the capital of the Empire of Huoshan, and the home of the Longma race. It is also Tianhuo's homestage.


The minute Empire of Huoshan rests over the gaping maw of an active Volcano high above the clouds. Though this principality is small, it is nonetheless remarkable. Huoshan is home to the half horse, half dragon crossbreeds called Longmas, the only creatures that can live in such dangerous conditions.




During a fight, these NPCs have a chance of appearing as background characters:


  • The name Huoshan is likely a reference to the Chinese city of Foshan, regarded in past history as the "home of the Cantonese forms of Chinese opera, kung fu, and lion dancing." 
  • Huoshan is the only place that doesn't have "The" in it's name.
    • This arrangement aligns with Asian language convention which typically omits article words such as "the."
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