1. This wiki was founded 24 September, 2015 by Tami34.
  2. This wiki has had custom JavaScript enabled since 22 February, 2018.
  3. Current Special:ThemeDesigner implemented 14 March, 2018 by evacino.

Want to contact an admin? For a listing of all the admins on this wiki, see Special:Listadmins. This page also shows when each admin Last Edited on this wiki. Posting on an admin's Message Wall will leave that admin a notification of your message for the next time they log-on!

Please note however that a response back is not guaranteed, and that the responses received could vary depending on the admin.

Customized Help pages:

  1. Help:Color

Customized CSS:

  1. MediaWiki:Wikia.css
  2. MediaWiki:Common.css

Customized JavaScript:

  1. MediaWiki:ImportJS
    1. MediaWiki:Custom-DiscordIntegrator-config-id
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