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Baaah is a stage located in The Meadow. It is home to the Sheeple and to Pom.


In the Salt Mines 2.0 update, the Rainy variant was removed from the game.[1]


Baaah is Pom's map. It has the old look of a village (Seen by the wind-mill). The background consists of a few hills far off, a river with a bridge, and a windmill near the fight. When it is raining, the sheep like to wear little umbrella hats. To the left is a trellis arch.


During a fight, these NPCs have a chance of appearing as background characters:


  • Baaah is set in the Country, seen in the background are only hills, it is most likely assumed that it is one of the more hidden nations.
  • While it might seem in the story that all the sheep are just absolutely covered in fat looking wool, there are other female sheep who look similar to Pom, possibly suggesting that they are also near the age span of Pom.


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