Selected Edit

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I'll make you proud, Pa! x
Looks like it's time for a throw-down! x

Pre-round introduction Edit

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I reckon you're in for a wreckin'. x
Like my Pa always says: "Put 'em up!" x
Like my Pa always says: "Never underestimate the power of a kick in the head!" x



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Grunts x

Lasso Edit

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(Failed) Whu? x
(Failed) Duh! x
(Failed) Dangit! x
(Successful) Hogtied! x
(Successful) Gotcha! x
(Successful) Come 'ere! x
(Successful) Sit down! x


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Ya'll in for a tramplin'! x
Ya'll in for a beatin'! x
Ya'll in for a hurtin'! x

Level 2Edit

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Roundabout rodeo! x

Defensive Moves Edit

Quick RecoveryEdit

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Not a scratch! x
Uuuh... Tripped! x
Huh, didn't hurt. x
That's the best you got? x
Just you wait! x
I'll getcha! x
I'll get you! x


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(Block) Nu-uh! x
(Block) Nope! x
(Push block) Take off! x
(Push block) Back off! x

Taunt Edit

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Got milk? x
Here's the beef! x
You're in for a wallop! x
Mooo! Are you happy now? x

Win Edit

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Ya'll are cruzin' for a hidin' whooping! x
Mess with the cow - you get the horns! x
My mama don't raise no fools! x
These are a few of my favorite things: kickin', stompin', and kickin'! x