Arizona is a one-year old cattlekind who was chosen as the Prairie's Key Keeper.

Appearance Edit

Due being a calf, Arizona is small in terms of size. She has a brown and white hide, emerald green eyes, and grey horns. Arizona also wears a burgundy bandanna around her neck.

Biography Edit

Just as with all inhabitants of Fœnum, the cattlekind were immensely concerned when the call for a Key Keeper went out. If the whole world was threatened, that meant their beloved home, the Prairie, was as well! Despite this, the sole volunteer to be cattlekind's Key Keeper was Arizona, daughter of Head Bull Texas and Head Cow Minnesota. Worried for her safety, Texas refuses to let her be chosen, but Arizona states that she wasn't too young to protect her home. With Minnesota's blessing, she journeys across Fœnum to discover the secrets of The Horned Prophet's Key.

Story Mode Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Warning: Spoilers Below!

Arizona serves as the primary protagonist and player character throughout Chapter 1.

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Personality Edit

Arizona exemplifies what is best of cattlekind. Honest, hardworking, honorable and brave, she cherishes the life she leads and believes that green grass, clear skies, and a life free of fences should be available to all of Fœnum. Arizona is immensely righteous, the kind of kid who fights off other kids’ bullies, who never tells a lie, who believes in always doing the right thing. However, her idealism can border on naivety, and sometimes her good intentions get her into trouble.

It’s hard to believe such a big heart sits inside Arizona's small frame. Though only a calf, but her determination and compact, muscular build packs a surprising wallop! As a fighter, her greatest strength is… well, her strength. Though her horns are only budding, they’ll throw a challenger across the field, her back hooves hit like a freight train and she’s so literally down to earth, she’s nearly impossible to knock down.

Abilities & Fighting Style Edit

Playing as Arizona Edit

Arizona is a rushdown fighter whose move set is focused on strong but short-ranged attacks. She compensates for her lack of range by using her lasso, as well as being one of the few characters whose forward dash turns in to a run. Arizona can also do a short hop by quickly tapping the analog stick up. Arizona has two special attacks: Stomp, in which she smashes her hooves into the ground to generate an earthquake, and Headbuck, when she violently charges into her opponent. Both of these attacks can be changed into combos.

Arizona's Magic Meter is 3 Stocks and initially empty, but can fill up by successfully landing her lasso. The lasso is a command grab move which can be used in 3 different directions (air, mid, and low) and connects at the end of the rope. Arizona can spend Magic, to use EX versions of her special move. The EX Stomp covers the whole screen and is unblockable. The EX of Headbuck has armor, is quicker and has increased damage output, along with sticking the opponent to the wall if used near the corner. She also can use a new Magic dash and a counterattack.

Arizona's Level 1 super move, Trample, is a fast and powerful headbutt that can hit from across the entire screen. The damage output depends on how close she is to the opponent. It can also be used as a counterattack. Arizona's level 2 super move, Rebound, turns Trample into a two-hit move. The second hit launches the opponent, leaving them open for follow-up attacks.

Arizona is good for starting players, as her playstyle is simplistic, intuitive, and forgiving for even those who resort to button-mashing. She has an easy yet powerful basic combo: Start with the usual light-medium-heavy into stomp, headbuck, lasso, rinse and repeat.


Vs. Arizona Edit

As with most self-matchups, the more experienced Arizona player will have the bigger advantage. Arizona has significant weakness against herself, as her primary advantage - her speed - is now rendered useless. She cannot zone herself, nor does she have any form of aerial attacks. Stomp, which usually immobilises other opponents, does not work against herself, as Arizona has powerful melee attacks to push away an opposing Arizona. Attempts to back off to reposition will be met with the lasso. Arizona's favourite move against herself is her default combo, and especially so since Arizona finds it difficult to zone herself. The Arizona player who is able to apply the most pressure is most likely to win.

Vs. Velvet Edit

With her massive zoning ability, Velvet will ensure Arizona is kept far enough to avoid any whiff of cow scent. Velvet's Snowballs can keep Arizona safely out of distance, and Ice Cyclone keeps Arizona from even being able to touch her. Velvet leaps gracefully out of the way of Stomps and rebounds with an Icicle in midair. However, Arizona is the fastest character and her dashes can make it difficult for Velvet's shards and Eruption to land a hit. Arizona can also reset the playing field with Trample, and her Rebound leaves Velvet open to follow ups. If you're playing Arizona, make sure to keep moving, stick to Velvet to get Stomps in whenever possible, and try to finish fast. If Arizona is slowed down with Frostbite, her ace against Velvet is pretty much gone.


Oleander is probably one of Arizona's better match-ups, as she is unable to outpace Arizona's speed. Her main zoning ability, Shadow Spark moves slowly enough for Arizona to anticipate, block and counter, and the lasso is also able to interrupt the spell and close the gap. Teleport becomes increasingly necessary for Oleander to escape, but she struggles to find time to read her Unicornomicon as it leaves her open to attacks. Chapter Traps are one of the best options to stop Arizona, however if Trample is available for use, it renders the trap useless. The lasso is Arizona's choice move owing to Oleander's slow speed and large hit box - however, it can be punished by baiting out impatient players and turning a missed throw against them. The longer Oleander can keep Arizona far away, the higher the chances of winning.

Vs. PaprikaEdit

While Paprika is usually a pain, Arizona struggles slightly less as she can simply dash out the way of Paprika's attempts to teleport on top of her. While Paprika is using her charge moves, she can be interrupted by Stomp or simply avoided. Paprika also becomes quite the target for Arizona's lasso as she has a huge hitbox. However, the large hitbox may turn Paprika's weakness into an advantage - Paprika simply towers over Arizona, and Arizona does not have the zoning ability to avoid Paprika's in-your-face melee attacks. For Arizona to have significant advantage, she has to keep moving out of Paprika's way - something a rushdown character is not favourable to, but slow and steady wins against Paprika.

Vs. PomEdit

Pom is an absolute nightmare for Arizona. Her spindly legs and tiny hit box frustrates Arizona's lasso, while her massive melee aerial range ensures that Arizona is kept just out of reach. Pom is also able to cover multiple areas of the playing field no matter how fast Arizona may try to dodge. Pom's Bark! slows down Arizona and opens the heifer to additional beatings. Even Trample can be used to Pom's advantage - when Arizona tries to reposition herself, that's when the Sheep Dogs can close in on Arizona. Pom should always stay on the offensive against Arizona, as playing defensively just leaves her open to multiple Stomps. If you're using Arizona, a possible play is to corner Pom and stomp her to avoid spawning Sheep Dogs.


Tianhuo bulldozes (pun intended) Arizona with her mastery of the skies. Arizona's moveset is almost entirely confined to the ground, and Tianhuo really only struggles with lasso, which Arizona will try and throw out as much as possible against any aerial character to close in on. Besides that, Tianhuo has no trouble closing the gap with Arizona due to the heifer having close to no zoning abilities. If you're playing Arizona, your best bet is to catch Tianhuo early and keep her grounded with Stomp. Stay as close as possible, as attempting to zone Tianhuo will simply allow her to escape into the air.


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Trivia Edit

  • Arizona is based off of the Fighting is Magic character Applejack (herself adapted from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Aside from being a cowgirl, many of Arizona's melee attacks are similar, and she has Applejack's lasso special and headbutt super.
  • One of Arizona's suggested names was Dakota; this was rejected for being too mundane, but did influence her final name.
  • Arizona and Velvet were the first characters publicly introduced.
  • At just a year old, Arizona is tied with Pom as the youngest Key Keeper.
  • Arizona's backstory changed in development. According to the Book of Lore, she would have won a ballot meant to select cattlekind's Key Keeper, only for Texas to reject the results out of fear for her safety. It was only after Arizona beat him in combat that Texas would have allowed her to leave.
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