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Adobo is an alpaca that leads the Alpake tribe within The High Plains. He serves as the narrator of Chapter 4 in the Book of Lore where he and his tribe have endured hardships, with some escalated by the strange one, Paprika. When his son returned with news of the Predators' return and the nation in need of a champion, Adobo chose Paprika as The High Plains' Key Keeper, mainly to get rid of her.

Story Mode Edit

Chapter 1: Part 3 Edit

Warning: Spoilers Below!
Arizona meets with him after being directed by the alpaca villagers that rescued her. He references the Temple of the Ancestors, though unable to provide further information regarding the Prophet's Key. He attempts to dissuade Arizona from her quest, warning her of fog maze and the monster that lurks within it. He rewards Arizona with the Striped Wool Hat if she clears out the predators in the basement.

Trivia Edit

His name is based of co-named Philippine dish.

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