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• 2/25/2018

Possible character page + colour pallete link to template and page

I would like to ask about three things. The first thing being the character page. As is it not created yet, I would like to propose a formatting style, with each character having an icon of their own. I've made one with Arizona that is attached to this post as an example with the line up provided by a member of the wiki itself. It could be resized so that it fits nicely with the format of the wiki. I can make the other characters since I have the photoshop template (excluding Tianhou, as she doesn't have fanart similar to the others as of yet).

I also noticed that there's a colour pallet page for several of the characters, yet no link to the template. I can get the colours easily, but I'm unsure how to link it to the template, nor am unsure on how to appropriately format the pallet page.
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• 3/6/2018
Opps, I forgot to check the discussions until now! But yeah, I think the icon idea is really neat!

I know the icons would work well on the 'Champions'/Playable Character pages as links, but where else where you thinking they would work?
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